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About the fear 🫨

I find it hard to admit that I feel scared, stressed, and fearful.

Synonyms: anxiety, dread, worry.

Antonyms: calmness, confidence, assurance.

However, this emotion is intricately connected to various aspects of my life. I deal with several fears every day, including the fear of visiting dentist, the fear of failure, and the fear of emotional pain. Recognizing that being fearful is a normal part of being human, I've come to understand that I am entitled to feel this way. But I still don't like this emotion. You know, you have the right to feel it, but you can still dislike it.

Lately, I've been making regular visits to the dentist to improve my dental health. Despite the fear that accompanies each visit, it seems like I have no other choice. Last month, I went to the dentist a total of 10 times. On the last day, a realization hit me—I fear being fearful, and surprisingly, I no longer experience any physical pain.

This insight prompted me to reflect on other recent challenges. Whenever I feel fearful about something, I now recognize that the only way to overcome it is to confront it head-on. It may be tough initially, the first or second time, but ultimately, despite the possibility of failure and the accompanying pain, I find myself still alive, maybe stronger 😬😬😬.