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Good night, sleep tight, don't let the bed bug bite 🐞

Ever wondered why we wish someone to 'sleep tight'?
This phrase, commonly used to wish someone a good night's sleep, caught my attention one day while watching my favorite series, Young Sheldon

The origin of this expression is shrouded in various stories. Some historians believe it originated from the dictionary itself. Webster's Dictionary defines 'tight' as in a sound manner: soundly. Therefore, 'sleep tight' is thought to simply mean 'sleep soundly.


/taɪt/ • adverb

in a sound manner: soundly

(merriam-webster dictionary)

In a Young Sheldon episode, another interesting myth is presented. According to this interpretation, when people say 'sleep tight,' they are referring to medieval bed styles that were constructed with ropes. The tighter the ropes were, the more comfortable the bed was to sleep on.


Good night 💤💤💤